Path of the Reliquery

The Horsemen Chronicles®

  • July 2014
  • Unlimited trade paperback
  • 26 signed and lettered hardcovers

"Is this the happy ending?” Michael asked Faye bitterly, his green-eyed monster stepping into the center of the safe house, the small room dimming with the fading sun."


"I want to know, Faye. Is this the fairy-tale ending you hoped for?"

Fairy tale?

First Faye learned that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse were real. Then she was possessed by the Horseman Famine and marked for death by the Vanguard, a secret society sworn to protect humanity. Finally, Ben Sasson, the man she loves, sacrificed himself to save her, only to be possessed by another Horseman: War.

No, her life is no fairy tale. It's a goddamn horror movie

Faye, now part of the same secret society that tried to kill her, sets off with fellow Vanguard agent Michael Cantal on a suicide mission to find an ancient artifact that can break War´s hold on Ben. But barring the way is a conspiracy that is tearing the Vanguard order apart, a supernatural sibling rivalry like no other, a mysterious adversary seeking revenge for an ancient betrayal, and a countdown to global thermonuclear war.

Vanguard killing Vanguard . . . Horseman battling Horseman . . . The fate of the world rests on Faye’s shoulders as she walks the Path of the Reliquary. But can her love survive the journey?

Can humanity?